Blackberry Shmackberry – PLAY WITH ME!

Every night when I get home from work Toby goes nuts. He starts jumping at me begging for me to pick him up and give him a hug.

Although it was only about 12 hours since he last saw me, you’d think I was gone for days.

It’s really flattering until you realize he just wants a treat – a very bad habit we got into when I went back to working nights and felt guilty that I couldn’t spend as much time with him.

After handing him a treat from a bag of goodies given to him for New Years from one of my sorority sisters, I poured a glass of red wine for myself, plopped myself on the floor and put on a recorded episode of Criminal Minds.

Once he finished with the treat, Toby brought me his toy and I started throwing it across the living room for him, all while checking my blackberry for updates about the earthquake in Haiti.

I guess Toby was getting annoyed.

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