Leaving the Adirondacks Makes for a Sad Puppy

I never thought dogs could get depressed, or really have emotions, until I started noticing Toby’s actions when it was time to leave Lake George.

Now I’m a believer.

It started one day while I was packing the car last summer. I couldn’t find Toby. I was calling him, searching all over for him. He was no where to be found.

Then, I see the blankets on my bed moving.


The brown, white and black covers, — the same colors as my dog – moved a little more.

“Tob? Little boy? Are you under there?” I asked in a little kid voice.

His little head sheepishly popped out.

“You wanna stay, and not go back to Jersey?” I asked.

Toby snuggled in tighter to me and bumped my hand. I was so heartbroken we had to leave.

“Awww! My poor baby boy!”

And, I proceeded to put my head down next to him on the bed.

Last weekend, while I was gathering everything he sat in his blue blanket on the loveseat with his head perched on the arm just watching me.

“Oh, Toby, you know we have to leave because I have to work,” I explain.
His eyes droop a little, he holds his head a little lower and doesn’t strut like he normally does while walking to the car when it’s time to leave my house and head back to New Jersey.

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