Sick Day

Taking a sick day is not an easy thing for me to do, but yesterday after much internal debate I decided going into work was just not an option. I could hardly get up without my head pounding. (LOVE winter sinus infections! Don’t you?)

As I was laying on the couch freaking out that my boss was going to be mad I was sick — making it even tougher to fall asleep and get rid of my headache — Toby was all snuggled up under the two blankets that I had covering me, because I also had the chills (ok, so maybe there is more than just a sinus infection going on…).

It made me wonder what he must’ve been thinking, while I was having a panic attack about calling out. My guess is his internal dialogue about me calling out went something like this:

— Toby while I’m debating what to do: “Call out. Call out. Call out. I mean seriously, you don’t feel well. Look at you – you are under the covers and are still cold. Shivering. And then you are going to go to work? You won’t be able to pay attention. I’m only looking out for what’s best for you. Call out. Call out. Call out.”

— Toby after I finally do decide to call out: “YES! YES! YES! [Does a little happy dance] I get to spend the whole day with Michelle just chilling out laying under the covers, warm and cuddled in with her. Woo-Hoo! Score! My prayers were answered! I don’t need to be alone all day! Love this! Time to snuggle up! [Goes under the covers and curles up next to me]”

Boy, do I wish I could think as happy as my dog does.

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