Snowy Puppy

It’s about 15 degrees in the Adirondacks right now and my little Toby couldn’t be happier. Snuggled under two layers of blankets with his head resting on a brown pillow on my couch, the puppy jumped up faster than a criminal running from police when my Dad opened the back door to take some pictures of the falling snow.

After throwing a leash on him and slipping my feet into some warm boots, we ran around the back, front and side yards as white snow blanketed his fawn-colored coat. In some spots the snow was higher than him, but he leaped over the mounds. Every once in a while he’d  stop to sneeze after getting too much of the white stuff up his nose. It was kind of cute. : )

Toby’s love for the snow amazes me. For a little dog that is supposed to love the hot weather, this little doggie enjoys the snow, too.

His first snow experience was a little more than a year ago during a trip to Roanoke, Va. to see my aunt and get Toby’s luxating patella checked by a second vet. Although he was in pain because his knees were hurting, all he wanted to do was run and play.

Running around in the snow with Toby is kinda of like having a little kid who just wants to have a snowball fight and make snow angels. It’s a little reminder that we all need to go outside and play sometimes.

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  1. Yes…play is essential and I tell a friend that she needs to play more often and that she's just too serious a lot of the time….oh well…you try to lead people but they have to be willing!
    Hi…I'm Sophie…saw your name on blog hop and here I am…Cheers!

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