Kong Tough? Not So Much

Toby is very hard on his toys. I really can’t buy him many, because he destroys them in seconds — including the ones that say they are durable.

Case in point: His Extreme Kong. It is supposed to be for “tenacious power chewers,” according to their Web site.

They may want to hire Toby to test their toys. He did this in about 20 minutes.

Oh, and the size of the Kong was actually the medium one, even though for his breed the small one is suggested. To be fair, he has a regular red Kong that I stuff with treats for him, and doesn’t usually chew that one too bad. Although it is the second one he has gone through. 
I feel like I’ve tried every toy out there with him. I am, however, lucky he is just destructive with his toys and not other items in the house. 

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