My Dog Is a Pickpocketer

In general Toby is a really good dog, but there are times he is a little scooch.

Case in point, when someone sits down and has something in their pockets — if he can see it, he wants whatever it is.

Unfortunately, his favorite thing is paper towels and not money. Go figure.

But, it’s the way he does that makes me unable to get upset with him. He carefully watches till no one is paying attention, and gently puts his paws on the chair while extending out his snout just enough to grab a piece of whatever it is.

I’ve tried to snap a photo, but he’s really smart and won’t do it when I have a camera in my hand. So, one morning last week I set up a camera hidden from his view to catch him in the act.

Trying not to laugh while he was doing it was the toughest part.


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