Water in Bed

Some people like breakfast in bed, but my dog likes water in bed. Well, next to the bed to be exact.

About six months ago Toby kept waking me up several time in the middle of the night and I couldn’t figure out why. He would stand near the bedroom door. I thought he had to go out, but he would just stand outside and look at me with a dumbfounded look. But, we would get inside, and he would bolt to his water dish.

This kept happening for about two weeks until we figured out when he buries himself under the covers at night, he must get too warm and as a result, gets thirsty. So, I started putting a water dish in the bedroom.

Sure enough, the puppy dog slips out from under the covers about three times a night to slurp up some water, and then leaps back into bed.

It still wakes me up, but at least I don’t have to get out of bed and go outside at 4 a.m. Occasionally, he will get lazy and not want to jump back up, so he will paw at me until I pick him up and place him back in bed.

Spoiled? Nahhhh…

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