Be The Change and Help Homeless Animals!

One of the great things about BlogPaws was the commitment to shelter animals, and the need to help in anyway you can to make sure these wonderful cats, dogs and other animals find a stable, loving home. To help accomplish this, “Be The Change” was born, and the mission for bloggers and other social media types to use their following to bring exposure to these awesome animals that are in need of parents, as well as raise money for the shelters that help these animals.

I could write for hours about the importance of this grassroots campaign, but I think this amazing video by @frugaldougal that was shown at BlogPaws really hits home and touches on how we need to do whatever we can to help these animals. Even the smallest action can make a difference!

To help do my part, you will be seeing more about shelters, adoptable pets and efforts to help pets that need parents on My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much.

So, please take moment and watch this great video!

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