Pooped After Day 1 @BlogPaws

What a great day, but I’m totally tired, and so is Toby! BlogPaws has this great area called the pet park where professional pet sitters stayed and watched the dogs that came with their moms and dads.

From what I was told Toby was having a blast and was hanging out with not only the other pups, but with all the humans who were watching him. When I went to pick him up they said he was sitting on everyone’s lap. He is such a ham and will do anything for attention!

But, now he is a pooped pup!!! 

2 thoughts on “Pooped After Day 1 @BlogPaws

  1. Hello!
    I found your blog a few minutes ago through BlogHer and since I'm a professional pet sitter I keep my eyes open for dog blogs even though I see dogs everyday. Your Toby is adorable and you are right that chihuahuas are perfect for every activity. We have a lot in common about thinking our lives have changed since adopting a dog: I adopted Daisy, a coonhound, almost one year ago and cannot imagine my life w/o her. Looking forward to reading more about Toby….
    Another thing we have in common is that both of us are new to the blogging world and with that I'd like to network with you by promoting your blog via FB & Twitter and we can help each other get more followers, I think.
    So the 1st invite for you & Toby is to visit my blog to enter into my very 1st contest called the "PERSONALIZED PET PORTRAIT GIVEAWAY" so please come on over to do some window shopping! -April & Daisy-

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