Niagara Falls and Canada With Toby

On the way home from Ohio Toby and I stopped in Niagara Falls. I hadn’t been there since high school and thought it would be fun to revisit the area for a few hours. In a blog a few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of always carrying a copy of your dog’s up-to-date shots — well it sure did come in handy in this situation.

There was a pedestrian bridge you could walk across to the other side and not have to sit in the hours worth of traffic it would take to cross the border. So, since I had my passport and a copy of Toby’s vaccines, we were able to take a short walk across the bridge to the Canadian side, go through the border offices and spend some time photographing the falls from the other side.  When I got to the Canadian side, they immediately looked over Toby’s shots — especially for his rabies vaccine.

For some reason, the falls seemed to look smaller than I remembered them, but they were still an amazing site to see again! Since I was determined to capture a picture of Toby with the falls in the background, I must’ve snapped at least 100 pictures of just him and at one point was almost stomach to the ground with a treat in my hand trying to get Toby to stay still

Enjoy some of our photos!

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