Preparing for Our BlogPaws Road Trip to Ohio

We are just a week away from BlogPaws and the nice little (read: long) road trip Toby and I will embark on, which means, it’s time to pack our bags. I’m one of those people who usually waits till the last minute to throw all my junk in the suitcase, especially if I’m driving like in this case, but when it comes to prepping things for the dog, I’m very particular about it, and start way in advance.

First, I always call the vet a few weeks before to make sure Toby is current on all his shots and swing by to pick up a copy of his vaccines. Although, I always carry a copy in my car, when I’m traveling a distance, I like to have recently dated copy on hand.

Since Toby and I travel frequently, I always have a backpack that contains a variety of items he needs ready to go, but I always check to make sure I have everything I need. This includes food, treats, poop bags, toys, blanket, medicine, bottled water, shampoo, baby wipes, a bowl and an extra collar and leashes.

Although we live in a world of 24-hour supermarkets, I like to know I have everything I need with me. Baby wipes are an essential tool for me, because if Toby gets into something at a rest area or somewhere I can’t immediately wash him, it’s a fast, easy way to clean up the pup.

As for the actual car ride, I usually like to keep Toby in his crate. I used to let him just sit in the car with me until I read a story about a couple that got into an accident and lost their dog because he got throw in the crash. It makes me feel better to know he is safe is anything were to ever happen.

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3 thoughts on “Preparing for Our BlogPaws Road Trip to Ohio

  1. Great advice. I also travel with my pet and keep her crated most of the time. Have fun at the event

  2. the recently dated copy is a smart idea. i have a copy but not a recent one. good reminder because i take my dog to the park all the time

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