What a PawPawty Weekend!

Welcome to a new and exciting week! I hope all your weekends were pawesome, and you got to enjoy it with your furry friends.

Toby and I spent Friday shopping in North Jersey. I bought a kayak rack system for my car and well, Toby — got any toy he showed interest in. We went to Campmor, which he is not allowed inside of, but has a whole wall of dog toys, leashes and other goodies.

After, we hit Pet Goods in Paramus — a store Toby is allowed in. We bought some cool toys that I hope Toby doesn’t destroy in three seconds and new treats.

But, the best part of this weekend was participating in my first PawPawty hosted by Frugaldougal. I knew of them when I went to BlogPaws and participated in the mini BlogPawty last week, but that was nothing compared to the two-day, 24-hour PawPawty. It was exhusting and I wasn’t even on of the quizers, barktenders or DJs. The people who commit the time to do this are just awesome.

The twitter party is held monthly, and all proceeds go to a specific animal shelter. This month’s shelter of choice was Forever Home Feline Ranch in Illinois. The PawPawty met, and exceeded their fund-raising goal of $1,000, but that doesn’t mean all the work is over. Please think about contributing to this great cause!

A high paw — as the pawty anipals like to day — to the people who contributed so much of their free time this weekend. It was really inspiring to see so many people from across the world gathering, and working together over the Internet for a great cause.

The next  PawPawty is May 22 and 23rd. We hope to see you there!

– Michelle and Toby 🙂

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