Animals and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The pictures and information coming out of the Gulf of Mexico are heartbreaking. But, what I was happy to see was how much media coverage the animals are getting — they tend get overshadowed by other things during  major disasters.

So, here is a quick roundup of animal coverage I found from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Just a warning, some of the photos are hard to look at, especially those of the poor dead sea turtles.

FoxNews.com had a slideshow titled “Animal Victims of the Oil Spill” featured prominently on their homepage, while WWLTV in Louisiana featured a video showing workers helping birds covered in oil.

John Platt writes in Scientific American’s Extinction Countdown blog about how the spill is threatening endangered species at an already critical time.

The Tampa Tribune has an extensive piece on their website, that focuses on the Clearwater Marine Aquarium preparing to help sea creatures, but also jumps into some good detail about the rescue process and procedures.

Procter & Gamble’s Dawn dish detergent is turning up their production because of the oil spill, and has teamed up with two wildlife groups to help save animals in danger, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

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  1. Nice post, Michelle. Nice to see you bringing your journalism roots to the pet world. Hope you do more of these.

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