Dog Days of Summer Are Here

Wow! It's hot out today! After running around the yard chasing Kong ball, Toby is trying to find any bit of shade to plop his little tail down in. It's a good time for a friendly reminder that even if you're just outside playing for a little bit, make sure your pup has plaenty of water! Here in the Northeast it seems to go from freezing one day to insanely hot the next, leaving little time for your pup (and you) to get adjusted gradually to the warm weather. P.S. We are having regular internet issues, so doing Adopt-a-Pet Friday was not able to happen this week, it will be back next week!
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One thought on “Dog Days of Summer Are Here

  1. it is very hot here in the south. usually we worry about this most of the year, but this year it was semi-warm

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