Signature Pet Car Seat/Carrier From Pet -Super-Store.com

A few weeks ago Toby was asked to review his very first pet product for Pet-Super-Store.com. We were totally excited because it was a travel related product, and Toby travels almost every weekend to the Adirondacks, so it would be a natural fit.

The product ended up being a two-in-one pet car seat/carrier from Signature Pet specially designed for small dogs. The concept is great, and is a safe way to travel with your pet in the car and also have a carrier to bring him or her into stores with you. And, it’s very, very portable – unlike most metal crates, which we typically use.

It has a strap that hooks into your car’s seat belt, to secure the car seat, so that if you have to make a quick stop or turn, your pet stays in place.

And it fit perfectly in both the front and back seat of my car.

It was very easy to put Toby into his new carrier and he seemed to enjoy being in it.

It also has a built-in short leash you can clip to your dog’s collar.

But, as you can see, as I was doing this, Toby decided to start chewing on the zipper, and within second, he had destroyed the zipper so it couldn’t close properly.  So, we never got to try the carrier part. (Yes, I was completely embarrassed that he destroyed the product….., oh, furchildren)

Bottom line, if you have a small dog who you like to travel in the car with (and isn’t nicknamed “Distructo Dog”), this carrier makes it easy, safe and convenient.

Thank you to Pet-Super-Store.com for letting us review this great product!  🙂


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  1. I use one that doesn't have a top. It's almost like a box that books onto the seat. Try that with him.

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