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When most people think about adopting a pet, it’s usually a dog or a cat, but as you will see on Petfinder, there are many more types of animals who also need homes. Everything from hamsters and chickens to horses and turtles need adopting! Several years ago I adopted two tortoises from a dog shelter on New York’s Long Island.

Since I’m itching to get another bird, I thought I would share some of the adorable feathered friends up for adoption at Wings of Hope in Jackson, N.J. Let’s hope these birdies get a good home!

 Meet Rebel
A Blue Fronted Amazon parrot, Rebel immediately caught our eye not just for his name, but also his  yellow face. According to this write up, he is 20 years old, but has not had much interaction with people, and needs some work.

Meet Cosmo
Since we have a good doggie friend by the same name, we of course had to check out this little guy. A cockatiel, he can be a little aggressive at times, but is quite a singer, according to his profile. He gets along with other birds and only pecks at them occasionally. He tends to like men more than women.

Meet Santiago
This may be the best written pet ad I’ve ever read. And, before those of you who know me read it, yes, I would absolutely *love* to adopt this bird. According to his write up this male conure, with an adorable face, absolutely hates men and children, and it’s suggested he be adopted by a single woman. He loves to eat all table food and has mind of his own. The start of his profile calls him a “quirky little bird.” He likes to be out of  his cage and if you leave the room, he will come looking for you! (Isn’t that the most adorable thing?!)

As always, we are not affiliated with any of these shelters, nor can I guarantee these pets are still available. But, I do know they look darn cute, and deserve a great home!

2 thoughts on “Adopt-a-Pet Friday : Wings of Hope

  1. Santiago's description cracked me up! But thank you for pointing out that there are so many other animals in need of homes. My local shelter has snakes, mice, birds, hamsters, rabbits, etc. all who need a good home. As for me, as soon as they get in a pair of guinea pigs, I'm going to rush over there to adopt them! We'll see what the boys think….

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