Dressing Your Dog: Harley-Davidson Gear

Toby does not wear sweaters when it’s cold, jackets when it’s raining or doggie t-shirts for fun — and it’s not for a lack of trying. Putting him in a dog-sized Yankees jersey would be fun, but maybe his name should have been Houdini, because he can get  them off in a second.

The one piece of clothing he is willing to wear, however, is his Harley-Davidson T-shirt. We bought it last year for Americade  — a week-long motorcycle rally in upstate New York. Give him a treat before and after putting it on him and he’s a happy pup. He also very happily struts down the street and loves the attention he gets from all the bikers.

Do you dress your dog? Do they have a  favorite piece of “clothing”?

4 thoughts on “Dressing Your Dog: Harley-Davidson Gear

  1. Dexter loves his clothes. FIDO Friendly magazine sponsors many dog-related fashion shows each year. I love dog clothes! I always tell people be sure the dog is okay with it. If so, go for it. And Toby looks smokin' in that T. 😉

  2. Prudence absolutely loves wearing her clothes. A lot of people don't believe me, but she get so excited when I take out her bag of clothes. I actually make and sell dog clothes on Etsy, so it would be kind of funny if she didn't wear clothes 🙂

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