First Aid for Your Pet: Z-Medica’s PetClot

Z-Medica‘s PetClot is my new must-have in Toby’s travel bag. We happen to come across it while kayak shopping at Campmor in New Jersey, and immediately snatched it up.

Originally made for humans and used in the military, PetClot  is a blood clotting agent in a gauze bandage pouch, and is used to control and accelerate clotting to stop bleeding fast. There are easy-to-follow directions with photos on the back of the pouch.

Knock on wood, we haven’t had to use it yet, and hopefully won’t, but I really think it’s a good product to keep with you. It’s not only important to carry on a hike and while traveling, but to also have handy in the house. You never know when your pup, cat, reptile, bird or whatever other animal, could get hurt.

A single pack was $10.99, but if it helps save your pet in an emergency, it’s well worth it!

Oh, yeah, they also make similar products for humans that are used by the military, according to their website. So, you may want to get the ones designed for humans, for yourself, too!

2 thoughts on “First Aid for Your Pet: Z-Medica’s PetClot

  1. Great suggestion! I'm going to have to track this down for the Winnebago. It makes perfect sense when we spend quite a bit of time in rural areas (most campgrounds are not located in the center of a metropolis) and are often miles from an emergency vet.

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