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The Proportions Whole Food Nutrition Program is a unique ship-to-your door food program for your dog based on the idea that your pet gets whole food verses processed, manufactured products. It’s like cooking a homemade meal for your dog in seconds, so that instead of slaving over the stove, you can just rip open a few packets, mix together and put in your doggie’s dish.

Each meal is based on your individual dog’s needs — information you enter on their Website about their breed, weight, activity level, age and allergies. A photo of your dog is even placed on each meal, along with a note that says it’s been specially prepared for him/her. Since each package is tailored to fit your dog, it’s a great way to monitor their weight and make sure they’re getting exactly what they need.

We were offered a two-day sample to test it out, and Toby went crazy for it from the moment we brought the package in from the mailbox. He started pawing and begging so much, we ended up dropping the package and he tried to rip it open right away.

To be perfectly honest, we were a little worried about how good the food was going to be and if Toby was going to like it or not. Those concerns quickly flew the coup as soon as I opened the second of the three packages — there was real chicken in it (!) and it smelled just as good as home-cooked chicken soup. As a vegetarian, I even thought it smelled good!

There are three packages you combine – the first is your crunchy blend, then the stew and you can top it off with a harvest mix. Toby tried the hand-carved chicken in pumpkin soup and loved it. We couldn’t get over how amazing the dish looked. You could see the carrots, peas and other vegetables in the mix. My friend asked if it was “people” food.

Toby didn’t take his head out of the bowl until it was finished and was begging for more. So, we let him lick the stew package, just so he could get a last taste.

Bottom line, Toby really enjoyed the food without any adverse side effects. In fact, I noticed he was able to go to the bathroom a little easier while he was eating it. It gets four paws up from him!

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  1. Wow – that food looks good enough for me to eat! Our dogs LOVE their food from The Honest Kitchen, and because it's a dehydrated diet it's very convenient for us to travel with. Like the Proportions food, it smells great and the dogs have a hard time waiting the 30 seconds it takes to re-hydrate!

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