Sloppy Kisses Patriotic Pooch Parade in Saratoga Springs

Saratoga‘s All -American Celebration went to the dogs Saturday when about 40 pups marched in Sloppy Kisses’ Patriotic Pooch Parade to raise money for Bentley, — a Rottie who suffers from chondrodystrophy,  a very rare disorder that involves the incomplete development of the epiphyseal cartilage.

All the dogs were very well behaved and it was such a sight to see this pack of dogs and their owners, many dressed for the occasion, parade down Broadway.

Sloppy Kisses raised close to $300 for the Bentley, who led the pups in his nifty red wagon. After the parade, the wonderful Putnum Den — which allows dogs inside the bar(!) — hosted a yappy hour for all the pups and their owners.

Toby was one hot pup, but kept his patriotic pooch t-shirt and new harness on the whole time without much of an issue.

Enjoy some photos from the parade!

                              Gracie was pooped out from the parade!

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