What Do You Call Your Dog?

After a weekend with several friends of mine a while ago, they made an observation — I never call Toby, Toby.
And, thinking about it, they are correct.

Many times I’ll call him Toe-Low, Toe-Bo-Low, Toe-Low-Low, Toes, Toe-polos, Toes or Toby-Doe to mention a few. Rarely do I actually call him by his name.

It got me wondering — does anyone else do this? And, do you think it confuses them?

2 thoughts on “What Do You Call Your Dog?

  1. This totally cracks me up! Yes, I have a million nicknames for the boys. Emmett is usually Em, E-man, or Fatty, though he only responds to Emmett or Em. Lucas, though, bears the brunt of my nicknaming…. He's Lukey, Lukey-bear, Smoochy, Smooch, Smoocharelli, L-train, among (many) others. He responds equally well to Lucas, Lukey, and Smoochy!

  2. I have tons of nicknames for all three of my animals. Prudence is Pru, Prudie, Prude-pants, The Prudester, Puppy, Puppy-Love, Mop Head, Curly Q and Stinky Pants. She really only responds to Prudence, Pru and Prudie. Harry the cat is Harold, Fat Man or Poochy Pants (he has one of those belly pooch things). And Gracie Lynn the other kitty is Gracie, Puff Butt, Fuzz Butt, Peanut, Bean, and sometimes Grace.

    The only time I've ever seen Pru get confused when referred to by a nickname is when I call her Puppy; she thinks there is another dog in the house and will proceed to try and find it.

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