Green Doggie Bags

Picking up your dog’s poop just got a little greener with Green Doggie Bags — 100 percent biodegradable bags with tie handles.

When we were asked to review this product we gladly accepted, and kind of figured all “green” dog bags were the same. Yeah, we were wrong.

As we do with all products we started doing some internet searches to learn about the product, and we found these bags are pretty awesome.

The bags genuinely degrade in landfills when exposed to earth’s natural elements and micro-organisms in the soil. They also don’t leave any harsh residues behind.

But, they are strong enough to withstand heat and moisture – good for when we are on a kayak trip or hiking.

Green Doggie Bags have become a must-have in our travel bag, the dry sack of our kayak, car and in our cabinet.  As a side note, they also make trash bags, and we are using them in our kitchen!

To learn more about Green Doggie Bags, visit their website, find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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