Connecting Art and Pets at BlogPaws West: BZTAT’s Mural

Always looking for different ways to promote animal welfare awareness, BlogPaws never disappoints. This time in Denver, it was a piece of art created by BZTAT Studios, and well, everyone who attended BlogPaws West.

Starting on the first day, everyone was asked to write something about BlogPaws, animals, pets, rescues, etc. and it would be incorporated into the mural “Hand to Hand, Paw to Paw.” On the final day of BlogPaws the mural – to promote the worldwide community of pet lovers – was revealed. 

Yes, theses two phrases are the ones My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much wrote.

BZTAT Studios, based in Ohio, does personalized dog portraits and having seen the work first-hand, we can tell you it’s amazing. As soon as I have some extra cash, I want to get a portrait of Toby commissioned. You can follow BZTAT on Twitter and Facebook.

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