Food, Treats, T-Shirts, Dishes, Oh My!

Ever since we did our first product review and made a big deal with Toby about getting a package in the mail for him and letting him play with it on the floor, you cannot have a box delivered without him going nuts – and automatically assuming it’s his.

When we got three boxes of awesome goodies from Cesar Canine Cuisine as part of our BlogPaws sponsorship and to giveaway to our readers, Toby was equally impressed as I was (this is in addition to the *hundreds* of giveaways we will be helping them giveaway this week in Denver!) and couldn’t wait to get his paws on everything. 

We tried to get Toby to “sit, stay and leave it” so we could take some pictures of him with the products. It worked for about two minutes, until he quickly grabbed one of the treat bags as we were snapping a shot and started running all over the living room with it. 

He scarfed down Cesar Bistro’s Tuscan style stew with beef on such an adorable Cesar plate that reads, “Love Them Back” on the bottom.


“Love Them Back” is part of Cesar’s campaign to show the strong bond between owners and their pets, especially small breed dogs. They sent us some really cute T-shirts with adorable slogans centering around this message, which we will be giving away.

The bottom shirt’s slogan, “give small a chance” really hit home with me, because the ironic part of the special connection between me and Toby is that I *absolutely* did not want a small dog or a chihuahua when I pictured my first dog. But, now, as anyone who even remotely knows me will tell you, I can’t picture my life without Toby. Check back tomorrow for more about what I thought my first dog would be and how I ended up with the exact opposite!

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