Give Small a Chance!

‘Give Small a Chance’ was one of the slogans on the shirts we got from Cesar Canine Cuisine, and as soon as I saw it I cracked up, because it fits me and Toby perfectly.

The slogan is part of Cesar’s campaign of ‘Love Them Back’ focusing on the connection between small dogs and their owners. As my aunt said when I told her about the shirt, “We could be the poster child for that.”

You see, I never wanted a small dog, and I really didn’t want a chihuahua! My mom had a Lhasa Apso named Zookie growing up and, while I loved her, she was my mom’s dog, and all I wanted was a golden retriever. My aunt and uncle had one named Ranger and I loved him! He was just the coolest dog. They also had other big dogs, who were just so much fun – they’d hike with us, swim in the Delaware River, play ball… this was the kind of dog I wanted.

They even bought me a stuffed golden, which I named Goldie, while I was in the hospital with pneumonia when I was in the third grade. I probably slept with that dog on my bed till I went to college.

That was it – I was dead set a golden retriever or other “big dog” was going to be my first dog. Then my aunt got Daisy – a rat terrier. She was absolutely, freaking adorable! And her personality was just so, so sweet.

It made me rethink the whole, ‘there is no way I’m EVER owning a small dog’ thing. But, the chihuahua thing was still a no go — until just a little more than two years ago.

My other aunt and I were in a pet store looking around, because the other two “big dogs” I had tried to adopt, I ended up being severely allergic to. That is when I saw Toby, and it was all over. We both actually thought he was some sort of terrier. I actually debated for a week about taking him home because he was everything I always swore I would never have – a pet store dog, a little dog and a chihuahua!

But, now, he really is one of the best things that has happened to me, and my career. Through having Toby, I got involved in social media and decided to pursue it as a career.

We will be giving away the t-shirts we got from Cesar Canine Cuisine in a few days, but the one that says “Give Small a Chance” I will be keeping and wearing because, I’m really happy I did “Give Small a Chance!”

This was me and Toby literally moments after I finally decided to take a chance on a small doggie!

5 thoughts on “Give Small a Chance!

  1. This is a great idea… I have had dogs of all sizes, but I have to admit – the little ones snuggled their way into my heart the most, I think. Yay for small dogs! (I do have a terrier obsession, after all!)

  2. Oh…how sweet…we have 3 dogs, two bigs ones and a smaller one. The small one we found roaming the mountains all by herself! I think all dogs need a chance!

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