Top 5 Reasons We Are Looking Forward to BlogPaws West

For several seconds a few months ago I thought about maybe not going to BlogPaws West, for the simple reason airfares are expensive and well, I had just gone to BlogPaws in Ohio in April.

Then, the voice in head said, “What are you crazy? Have you lost your mind?”

BlogPaws was such a great conference and, I learned more there than I had at many of the other professional conferences I’ve attending in the past. It was such a supportive community of bloggers, companies, writers, rescues and others who really shared the same goal — to make the world a better place for not just our pets, but for all animals.

So here are the top 5 reasons we are excited about going to BlogPaws.

1. MEETING NEW PEOPLE: It’s such a great feeling to meet in person the people we interact with almost daily over the internet.  Such as Carol Bryant of Fido Friendly Magazine and Vicki Stringfellow Cook.

2. SEEING OLD FRIENDS: We are looking forward to meeting the awesome people, who we hung out with at BlogPaws in Ohio, including, but not limited to: Maggie Bradburn Marton of Oh My Dog Bog!, Diane and Cosmo of To Dog With Love and Jane Harrell of PetFinder.com!

3. LEARNING, LEARNING, LEARNING: I cannot stress how much we learned about SEO, blogging, social media.. pretty much everything internet related.

4.  BEING INSPIRED: We left the last BlogPaws with so much encouragement and sense of community! It’s all about working together and toward one common goal — helping animals.

5. WORKING WITH CESAR CANINE CUISINE: My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much is teaming up with Cesar canine cuisine to promote the message of loving your dog back. It’s a great partnership, and we will be sharing more information about that later in the week!

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