Blog the Change for Animals Featuring Operation Blankets of Love

Blog the Change for Animals is part of the Be the Change for Animals movement to bring awareness about animal issues to the forefront and share information about great groups working to make the world a better place for animals.

We decided to blog about Operation Blankets of Love, a California-based group that collects blankets and other pet-related items to shelters there. When I read about this organization I absolutely fell in love with it, because I happen to be reading about it while Toby was snuggled next to me all warm and under… a blanket.

Thinking about all those dogs in shelters on cold, hard floors or in plastic crates trying to sleep breaks me heart. A blanket will at least give them a sense of comfort and warmth. Think about how you would like it if you were forced to sleep on your living room floor with no cover or pillow — it would not be fun.

There are such easy ways to help Operation Blankets of Love:

* Go through your closets – Surely, you don’t need all those blankets your great aunt from Minnesota sent you when she was cleaning her house.
* Put a donation box at your work and ask people bring in items for this drive. People collect coats for kids around the holidays — well, animals get cold, too!
* Ask the organizations you belong to if they would help support your cause. I’ve learned that people who are already involved in philanthropic activities are more likely to help another group than those now.

Every blanket, or little effort, helps to make a difference in these pet’s lives. So, even thought you may not be able to buy a dozen flurry blankets and send them to California, even one will make a difference!

                                                Every dog should be this comfortable!

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