Congrats to the Winners of My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much’s 1st Pet Charity Photo Contest

Boy was this was tough! My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much’s first Pet Charity Photo Contest got so many wonderful entries that our special judges, Cosmo and his mom Diane from To Dog With Love, really had their work work cut out for them!

We are pleased to announce the winner of our first Pet Charity Photo Contest is, Barbara Techel’s Frankie!  Frankie, the Walk N’ Roll Dog, suffers from IVDD and uses a dog wheelchair. She works to bring positive awareness to animals with disabilities.

This is what Frankie’s mom wrote about her with the entry: “She helps kids overcome their own challenges by visiting local schools & schools via Skype. She is a certified therapy dog making several visits a month (hospital, hospice, nursing home). She has two books written about her and WI Pet Hall of Fame Companion Dog 2009. In this photo she is “helping” me plant flowers- the wheelbarrow is a great way for her to get around too and she loves it!”

You can learn more about Frankie and Barbara by visiting their website.

My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much will be donating $100 to the animal shelter of Frankie and Barbara’s choice in their name, and the same shelter will also receive four cases of yummy treats from our friends at Blue Dog Bakery!

Our runners up are Janine Colyer’s Double Stuff and Marzipan! They will be receiving a swag bag filled with BlogPaws goodies!

This is what their mom had to say about them along with their entry: “Here are Double Stuff (aka Dubs) and Marzipan in their Halloween costumes (lion & ballerina). These are 2 of the happiest pups on the planet. They love to play with each other and other dogs, and pretty much everyone they meet- they’ve never met a stranger! They also love to cuddle once they’re all played-out. My mom likes to say that they live life to the fullest and I agree! One of their favorite pasttimes is helping their fur friends in need, particularly at RBARI shelter. Last year Marzipan raised over $100 for the annual RBARI walk and had a great time meeting new friends and taking a nice long hike.”

Thank you to everyone who entered our first Pet Charity Photo Contest! You can see all the entries on our Facebook page.

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