Doggie Loves Sick Days? Not So Much

Yesterday I woke up very sick to the point I couldn’t make it to the office. This is a rarity for me, because I really do love my job. That said, I figured Toby would be happy I was home with him.

Boy, was I wrong. Like we all do, he must have his little routine he does when I leave in the morning, and I was obviously not fitting into his plan.

It started with me getting back into bed. First, I found him sprawled across my pillow. Once I moved him, he decided to continuously push all 12 pounds of him against me until I finally moved over. By the time he was done, Toby owned most of my bed and I was left sleeping on a little sliver of it. Really, little dog?

Once I finally woke back up, I went downstairs to make some tea to sooth my stomach and all he wanted to do was play with Kong. He kept dropping it at my feet, and the more I told him “no” the more all he wanted to do was play. So, instead he decided to go poop by the door — twice. (this was after I had already taken him out)

Tea in hand, I had to jump on the computer to do some work. Boy was Toby not happy. He sat there barking and begging at me until I finally gave in and picked him up. Would he sit on my lap like a dog? Of course not! Instead he decided he had to sit with his paws on my hand while I was typing.

What a silly little boy! And, very eventful day for someone who was not feeling well at all.

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