Giveaway: The Ultimate Cesar Canine Cuisine Dog Gift Pack

We were fortunate enough to have been sponsored by Cesar Canine Cuisine last month during BlogPaws and in addition to all the wonderful things they provided us, they armed us with a ton of awesome products, food and treats to giveaway on My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much.

During BlogPaws, Cesar asked dog owners asked how they loved their dogs back, and got such an array of responses — from waking up extra early take them for a walk before work to always making sure they get the proper nutrition — it was clear we all love out dogs. And, since Cesar is geared toward small dogs we wrote a lot about how I really wasn’t a “small dog” person, but then fell in love with Toby and never looked back.

So, to enter for a chance to win the ultimate Cesar Canine Cuisine dog gift pack, we are asking readers to share why they love their dog. Yup, it’s really that simple!

There are three gift packs you can win:

1. Ultimate Cesar Dog Gift Pack:

Two Cesar t-shirts, a Cesar dish, Cesar treat purse, four Cesar bistro entrees, three Cesar entrees with Toby’s picture.

2. Cesar Second Place Gift Pack:

Two Cesar shirts, one Cesar treat purse, two Cesar Bistro entrees and two Cesar entrees with Toby’s picture on it.

3. Cesar Third Place Dog Gift Pack

Two Cesar Cuisine shirts and four Cesar entrees with Toby’s picture on it.

Here’s the details:

– Contest is open to anyone in the continental U.S.
– You must leave a comment below to be entered.
– Contest runs until midnight Oct. 22, 2010.
– A winner will be selected at random and announced on My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much Oct. 25.

For an extra chance at winning, you can copy and tweet the following  phrase: “I just entered the @Toby_pup giveaway to win the ultimate cesar canine cuisine dog giftpack http://ow.ly/2O2U6 “

For  another extra chance at winning, you can post the same phrase to our Facebook page.

Good luck!

12 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Ultimate Cesar Canine Cuisine Dog Gift Pack

  1. I love my 2 dogs with all my heart because I know that if it wasn't for me, they would not be here and I truly do cherish them! My small dog would've been thrown out on the street at 2 weeks old because her irresponsible owner did not want to take care of her of her brothers and sisters (which i unfortunately have no idea what happened to). My big dog is like my teddy bear, and very handsome Siberian Husky. I love dogs, big or small and even get up early in the morning before i leave to College and walk them. 🙂

  2. I love my doxie because he has such a great personality and he gives me so much love! And I love my rottweiler because he is a big teddy bear 🙂

  3. I am a dog lover. I rescue dogs, big and small and try to find them homes. Living in a rural area means lousy people dump their pets often. I do what I can and the doggie kisses and wagging tails are more than enough reward!

  4. Oh , I love the tshirts!!
    I have three little doggie babies and they want mommy to win treats for them! I have one itty baby draped on my shoulder, one itty baby on my lap and one itty baby tucked up under my arm. Thsi would be lovely to win! Thank you

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