Who Do You Leave Your Pet With When You Can’t Take Them With You?

I’m off to Las Vegas today for BlogWorld, and unlike BlogPaws, Toby is not welcome to come with me. (Although I totally can see him playing a hand of poker with a scotch on the rocks in his paws at the Bellagio. )

So, that leaves the question what will I do with Toby while I’m in Sin City?

I’m lucky enough to be able to drop Toby off with my Dad, who will make sure he’s fed, played with, snuggled and most importantly in Toby’s mind — gets treats.

But, there are so many options out there for what to do with your pet while you travel — have someone pet sit in your home, put them up at a “pet hotel,” board them at your vet’s office or a local kennel or bribe your best friend with booze to let your pup stay at their house.

So, we’re curious, where do you leave your pet when you can’t take them with you on vacation or a business trip?

Here’s my Dad with Toby the last time I went away and left the pup with him.

2 thoughts on “Who Do You Leave Your Pet With When You Can’t Take Them With You?

  1. We leave our female toy poodle mix Candy with a friend of my dad's. It's a big house with a big backyard and lots of people so she's never bored! We know she's in good hands while we are away in Peru (almost) every summer.

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