The Blogathon Hangover

We made it!With an hour to go, we are still awake, cleaning up our mess of a kitchen and finally giving the coffee pot a rest! But, more importantly, we raised a good amount of money for Bradyn to help get him his service dog. A big thanks to Pawcurious for letting us join in on this great event, and an even bigger thanks to my wonderful friends who put up with me blogging for 24 hours while they were staying over this weekend. 🙂 Many of our giveaways are still going on, so scroll down to enter them all. And, if you haven't already please take a moment and make a donation to help Bradyn located on the right side of this blog. 2011 blogathon – here we come 🙂
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3 thoughts on “The Blogathon Hangover

  1. You were AWESOME! Thank you so much for participating! I need to spend the next week checking out what you all did since I was so hectic just trying to keep up on my site! (I am sure you had the same thing.) It is so amazing that you did this despite your hectic weekend- it is so very appreciated!

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