Blogathon With Pawcurious! Plus Guest Posts and Giveaways

We are so, so excited to be participating in Pawcurious’ 24 hour blogathon next weekend! Last year Dr. V, the brains and voice of Pawcurious, veterinarian and all-around amazing pet blogger, stayed awake for 24 hours posting a blog every hour to raise money for a pet-related charity. This year, she graciously invited others to participate, and My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much immediately jumped at the opportunity.

While she gave everyone participating the option to pick their own charity to raise money for, we were touched by the same one she is blogging for  – “A Puppy For Bradyn.” Bradyn is a 4-year-old boy who has been managing Epileptic sezuires since he was 18 months old, and his family is trying to raise money to get him a service dog.

When you visit My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much next weekend, a widget will appear on the right side of the blog, where donations can be made directly to the cause.

Since 24 blog posts in 24 hours is going to be a challenge, [did I mention, I’m also having a house full of people that weekend, too? More on that later..] we would love to have some fellow writers guest blog on My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much!  In addition, we have several amazing companies who have offered to do giveaways with us during it!

If you are interested in doing a giveaway with us [great promotion for your product, especially since it’s charity related] or writing a guest post, please contact me at michellemaskaly (at) yahoo dotcom and I will get you all the details. I promise it’s super easy!

We are really looking forward to this event, and want to help Bradyn get his service dog. Next week we will be posting more information, including the other websites who are just as insane as us and thought this would be a fun way of raising money for a great cause.

6 thoughts on “Blogathon With Pawcurious! Plus Guest Posts and Giveaways

  1. Thanks Michelle! This is Bradyns mom and I can't even express how much we appreciate your help!!!


    PS – November is Epilepsy Awareness Month!

  2. This is such a wonderful idea and I think it's great you are going to participate. It's rare for someone to donate that kind of time. You are inspirational. I'm looking forward to following all of the posts!

  3. Elizabeth and Kristine,

    Thank you for the kind words, but all the credit has to go to Dr. V. from Pawcurious.com – she is the one who started the blogathon.

    I hope we can help raise the money needed 🙂

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