Bowtie Pasta Crunchies to Stay Awake

We have a pot of hot coffee brewing, but we are still getting a little sleepy, so to continue with the theme of cooking, we decided to make my cousin’s bowtie pasta crunchies recipe.

These are so good and if you leave out the cheese they make a great vegan dish.

Since you have to fry them, I wouldn’t suggest starting this now. We started making them after the doggie treats, and just finished. But, I would suggest trying them the next time you are looking for a fun snack.

4 thoughts on “Bowtie Pasta Crunchies to Stay Awake

  1. Ok did I miss something? Where is the recipe??? Maybe you omitted it because you were so tired?? In that case you have every right to have forgotten to post the recipe! (unless I am blind and missed it)

    Can these be made with whole wheat pasta?

  2. pay no attention to the woman behind the computer….DUH!! I am having a fake blonde moment!!!! And I GOT SLEEP! lol
    I didn't notice the recipe highlighted above………..DUH!! xoxo

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