I Woof My Aunts: Toby’s Point-of-View

Woo-hoo! I rarely get to jump on MY blog and talk to my pals, but Mom let me do it special for the Blogathon! I'm so excited she decided to participate and we really want to help raise money for our charity. I love my mom and aunts (my aunt lynette is pictured here) and know a puppy would absolutely love to go live with Bradyn, and his family!
So, please take a moment and make a donation to our charity. Puppy kisses!
Toby 🙂 Ps- leave a comment and get entered to win Cesar doggie treats! (U.S only)
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3 thoughts on “I Woof My Aunts: Toby’s Point-of-View

  1. Hi Toby!! you're such a cute dog and I love the name of your mom's blog!

    Thanks for participating in the blogathon to raise $$ to help little Bradyn get his service dog. I donated via Network for Good, I hope many others do as well (& @ ChipIn).

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