Meet Some Of My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much’s Guest Bloggers For Pawcurious’s Blogathon!

Yup, we, along with seven other arguably crazy pet bloggers will be blogging for 24 hours straight to raise money for charity this weekend — the same weekend I’m having a house full of guests and playing Adirondack tour guide.

So, expect there to be a lot of mobile blogging and tweeting – think of it as a virtual vacation in the Adirondacks!

To help me out, since my internal calendar failed miserably when I was given the dates and said yes for both events, I have several wonderful guest bloggers who will be helping me out, as well as several companies who have offered to do giveaways. (This is in addition to Cesar Canine Cuisine‘s treat giveaway an hour!)

Some of the guest bloggers and giveaways include:

* Paris from DogTipper.com, who was also generous enough to donate a copy of their new book, Barkonomics.

* Nero, my good friend Jane’s dog, who will be taking a stab at his first blog post and talk about adopting pets.

* Little Greg and Richter, a dog and cat blogging team, from Current Instincts, who will be debating the never ending question, Who’s REALLY the Leader of Pack – Dogs or Cats?

*Jennifer Whiston and her doggie Jenks, of Brown Dog Designs and the blog Simply Life will be guest posting on an awesome dog place in Colorado. 

*The generous folks at PeeKeeper  donated one of their escape-proof dog diaper to giveaway during the blogathon.

* Dr. Nancy Kay, the author of the book Speaking for Spot, will donate $5 per book sold to the blogger’s charity during the event.

* Julie Spiegel, an independent consultant for Scentsy, will to add a “Tail Hurts From Wagging so Much” Party on her website and donate 10 percent of the sales proceeds to our charity. She will also donated a free warmer to one lucky reader. (Shhhhh! The “Wagging so Much” party is already posted, and will stay posted till the end of the month – aka great holiday presents….)

We also plan to cook some fun human snacks from LeslieSarna.com to stay awake, and bake some special canine treats for our four legged friends. Depending on how loony we get, we my attempt to live stream this process!

There is also one more surprise still in the works, which we will reveal tomorrow. (fingers crossed it works out…)

We hope you are just as excited as we are for this, and that you join us Saturday around 3 p.m. for 24 hours of fun, insanity, blogging, tweeting and whatever else happens – all in the name of charity.

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