PeeKeeper Giveaway for Blogathon!

The folks at PeeKeeper have been absolutely amazing! They were one of the people who jumped right up to help out when we asked for giveaways and guest posts for the Blogathon. They’ve also been so supportive when I was posting about Toby’s leg issue last week. I’ve never met them, but feel like I’ve known the forever from the back and forth e-mails about this and the very sweet comments they posted while Toby wasn’t feeling well. Take a moment to read about the story of how the PeeKeeper came about, and enter to win one below! 

The PeeKeeper™ is an escape-proof dog diaper ideal for incontinent dogs, male dog marking and female dogs in heat. Standard sizes fit dogs between 5 and 25 pounds, and larger sizes are available as custom orders. The PeeKeeper is made in the USA and shipping is free on all domestic orders.
Our founder Lisa was inspired to create the PeeKeeper when she adopted a shelter dog that had submissive urination issues. She tried everything and either Dash was able to wriggle out of it or her other dogs pulled it off when they were playing. So, she created the PeeKeeper. When she realized how many other people had problems with their dogs peeing in the house, she started the company and began selling the PeeKeeper. We now have many happy customers across the country.
The PeeKeeper is available in denim and several colors of cotton flannel, including our recently-released winter snowflake pattern. Depending on how much your dog pees, you simply insert a mini or maxipad or adult incontinence pad inside the PeeKeeper and toss that when it gets wet.
There are many reasons a dog might be incontinent. Some dogs are never completely housebroken. There are behavioral issues, such as submissive or excitable urination, and physical reasons, such as old age or illness. Male dog marking is believed to be a territorial behavior. Or perhaps you’d like to be able to take your dog with you without having to worry about the possibility of an “accident” in public. Whatever the reason, a PeeKeeper can help protect your floors and furniture and make your time with your dog more enjoyable.
Because the PeeKeeper dog diaper was inspired by a shelter dog, the company is involved with several charitable efforts to feed and support homeless and rescue dogs. In addition, each month we donate several PeeKeeper dog diapers to rescue organizations to use at fundraisers.
Peekeeper is giving away one of the their products to a lucky My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much reader. To be entered, leave a comment answering this question correctly  —

The PeeKeeper was inspired by what breed of dog?  (the answer is on their Website)  We will randomly select one winner. Contest closes midnight tomorrow (Nov. 15). (U.S. only)


7 thoughts on “PeeKeeper Giveaway for Blogathon!

  1. toy fox terrier – we'd love to be PeeKeeper's first kitty client! Our little handicapped girl has been an escape artist when it comes to everything else we've tried!

  2. I fear that anyone hoping to use the PeeKeeper as an answer to a doggie incontinence problem is going to be disappointed. My Chihuahua, Lucy, easily shed it no matter how I adjusted it. THE COMPANY DOES NOT STAND BEHIND ITS PRODUCT. Though it is heavily promoted as escape proof, the company refuses a refund once a pet has proved that is far from the case. There are other poducts available that function better.

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