Toby Dog’s Leg Injury Update

Thank you for everyone’s comments, e-mails and tweets about Toby’s  anterior cruciate rupture. All the kind words, and much-appreciated advice means more than you can imagine.

Today has been a bit up and down. Sometimes Toby can stand on it, but then can’t walk. He goes through bouts of whining, but I think that’s more to get my attention when I’m in the other room rather than a pain related noise. He still can’t walk out of his crate, but instead hops out, and going to the bathroom is still an issue.

He did finally let me hold him for a little bit, but quickly started shaking, so I put him back in his crate. We go back to the vet tomorrow to see if he will need x-rays and surgery.

5 thoughts on “Toby Dog’s Leg Injury Update

  1. get better quick toby boy. you look so sad, you make me want to cry. i like the happy toby better!!!

    — Melissa/SIA

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