With Love from Marzipan and Dubs

Hi readers of My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much, our favorite blog which is written by our pal Toby's mom! We are Marzipan and Dubs, Toby's coolest and cutest cousins. Our mom is in Lake George with Toby and her mom and friends and we're jealous! We even got out our life vests and were all ready for a day on the lake, but then mom left without us!! But don't worry, we paid her back. Hey mom, remember those liver treats that smell so delicious? We left you some under your pillow heheheThanks for everyone who donated to our friend Bradyn!!! We know he'll love having a furry friend to hang out with and keep him safe. Love and licks,
Marzipan and Dubs

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