Holiday Season Pet Air Travel Safety Tips

December is a  big month for travel, and many of us take our pet with us when we go away on vacation or to visit family for the holiday. But, just like the long lines and security checks at the airport can be tough on you, it can also be stressful for your pet.

Here are some great tips from, Christina Selter the “Pet Safety Lady” and founder of Bark Buckle UP, on how to make sure your pet stays safe while traveling on planes this holiday season.

*Pet Pat Down TSA style may be required for some pets. Your carrier goes through the x-ray machine but your pet is removed from its carrier and walks through with you.

*Airports are required to have pet potty areas.

*Packing for pets: Be sure to bring medicines, food, a toy or chew bone, ID tag, collar/harness and leash.

*Healthy to fly equals current shots. All states require rabies vaccinations and that the animal be at least eight weeks old.

*Snub nose pets like a Pug cannot fly as cargo.

For more tips and information on air travel with your pets visit PetSafetyLady.com

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