Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar

Whether you’re a pet person or not, you’ve seen what people refer to as “the cone” — the large, stiff cone-shaped collar that goes on your dog or cat when the vet doesn’t want your pet play with stitches, a cut or for some other reason. They look funny and we all lovingly laugh at them.

But, now there’s a new “cone” on the market –  the Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar. It’s more flexible, colorful and looks much cuter on your pup while still keeping them from doing the things they aren’t supposed to do.

I tried it out on Toby, who usually hates anything around his neck and he left it on and was even able to eat a treat with it on, because of it’s flexibility. But, it wasn’t so flexible that he would easily be able to reach whatever area he wasn’t supposed to. I also like that I can fold it and keep it in Toby’s travel bag. Knock on wood I won’t need it, but should something happen while traveling, like Toby gets a cut or a bite that he needs to leave alone, I can easily pull this out and put it on him.

As I was writing this, and actually after I published it, Toby got a piece of string caught on his nail while playing with a toy, and I couldn’t get him to leave it alone so I could get it off. Ding, ding, ding! I grabbed the Trimline collar, put it on him and snipped the piece of string and then worked to get it completely off his nail.

Couldn’t have timed that more perfectly!

6 thoughts on “Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar

  1. My vet just gave me this new soft blue recovery collar for my dog after his surgery. So much better than those uncomfortable plastic cones. and
    it works awesome! What a life saver for both my dog and me!"

  2. This collar looks so much better than the traditional cone. I love that it is so convenient and that your dog doesn't mind it's presence at all. Maybe I should think about getting one. You never know, right? I love how it's already been useful for you!

  3. It seemed to be, but I'm not a vet. I had it on Toby for a while just to see how he functioned with it and he wasn't able to reach any parts of his body. When he had a string wrapped around his nail and I was trying to get him to leave it alone so I could take it off, I put the collar on him and it kept him from fussing with it. If you need to use a collar like this, I would check with your vet either way.

  4. I am a dog recuer and have three trad cones, small med and large. I have dogs that thought they could not walk with the trad cone on their head. This looks much better but won't appear in Brazil for the next ten years. Happy new year from dogs in Brazil on the blog hop.

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