Cat Version of a Snow Day

We are so over the snow here, that we thought it would be fun to hear about it from the point of view from our cat friend, Figment. Enjoy! 🙂

Today I awoke and looked out the window to see more of this white stuff out there.

What is it? Where did all the friendly squirrels I usually watch go? My favorite tree is awful empty again.

My mommy is home again, which is really interfering with my regularly scheduled nap.
But, I was able to score a huge treat-tuna fish when mom made a tuna wrap for lunch.

Wait, what is that noise? There’s this weird machine out the other window spewing white stuff into the air! And mommy is putting her coat on-good get out so I can nap.

There’s still all this racket outside the window, interrupting my napping and I must go look. What are all those humans doing with those funny shaped toys and the white stuff? Whatever. I go nap now.


Figment, as told to my human mommy Vikki

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