My Little Supervisor

It was a busy weekend in our household, making us unable to do as much hopping as we would’ve liked during Saturday’s Blog Hop. But, we do finally have a real dining room table, another bedroom set and some other furnishings that we’ve been waiting to acquire since I bought my house about two years ago.

And, while I was shooting photos to show my grandparents how everything looked, Toby was inspecting everything we did.

No matter what the project, Toby always has to be in the middle of it. So, we jokingly call him our “supervisor,” because he puts his nose to the ground and checks all around anything new coming in the house, stands on the couch and intensely watches every move we make and then sits next to whatever it is until we tell him to move.

These are the times I’m glad dogs can’t talk, because I’m sure he has an opinion on how we should be doing something, and really at times like this, there’s already usually too many cooks in the kitchen.

What does your dog do while you’re doing projects around the house?

5 thoughts on “My Little Supervisor

  1. The cats look at us with disdain because they could do such a better job and the dogs look at us with excitement. A sort of Can I Help look.

    That looks like a really sturdy table top.

  2. Too cute. Shiva is much the same, always wanting to "help" or figure out what it is we are doing and if it has anything to do with her. She loves getting in the way and tends to think everything is a game.

    The Cat is the supervisor. He generally sits on top of his tower and looks down at his realm with superiority. "Look at the little people and their little chores" he says. If he could talk anyway. 😛

  3. You are super curious, Toby! In my house, all projects are my projects. I simply MUST know what is going on. Sometimes I get a little to close to the action and get asked to step back or go to my bed. I will whine and wiggle my way back into the action asap…

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