Our First Day at Doggie Daycare

If you know me, you know I can be the most indecisive person in the world. So, you would think that when it came to picking a doggie daycare for Toby to try out, it would take me months to pick a place.

Not the case this time.

After working from home a few week ago, I noticed Toby seemed bored. He played with his toys a little, but he mostly just stayed curled up on his blue fleece blanket on the couch. Since getting a brother or sister for him to play with is not an option at this point, I needed to find a solution. Plus, logistically, a place where Toby could stay during the day near my job would make life much easier for so many reasons.

I took to the Google and found two places close to my job. I called Thursday and Friday morning Toby was there doing a trial day. [The photo is the one they took of him when we got there] They showed me around the place, told me their policies and explained how to use the web cam to watch him while I was at work. As they were showing me one of the areas, I could hear his, “get me the heck out of here” whine and I was trying to do everything not to scoop him up and take him home.

Needless to say the webpage with the doggie day care camera was always up on my work computer, just so I knew he was OK. I was so worried I was going to pick him up at the end of the day and they would tell me he wasn’t going to be invited back. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case, and he is actually back there today because I’m traveling tonight after work and want to take him with me. [from a logistical standpoint, this set up saves me over two hours in travel time]

But, this is totally one of those times I wish Toby could talk, because I’d love to know if he likes it there. They told me he would be so tired that he would likely sleep for hours when he got home. Nope, Toby was still ready to party when we got home.

Do you use a doggie care while you’re at work? What are some of the way you make sure your dog isn’t bored while you’re working?

4 thoughts on “Our First Day at Doggie Daycare

  1. I have taken C&L to daycare a few times. I stay at home so there is no need for that anymore. I think its good to take them to daycare, however I have seen some bad habits formed in some dogs.

  2. We haven't had to use daycare for Spike and Dru yet. We both work close enough to home that we can run home at lunch time to let them out and they have each other to keep themselves occupied. However, we have had to purchase an x-pen for them because on one of their more bored days we came home to a hole in the wall – like an entire piece of sheetrock shredded and destroyed size hole!

    I know I would totally wimp out with the "Get me out of here" whine.

  3. I have thought about taking Shiva to doggy day care. I am not sure she would love it right off but I know after a while it would be good for her endless energy to have something to do during the day other than sleep and chew her Kong. I hope Toby likes it and it turns out to be a great solution for you.

  4. I haven't tried day care for Bella. She gets so carsick that I'd hate to add two car trips to her daily routine, but otherwise I would have looked into it. Sounds like it's working well for Toby so far!

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