We Are Going to BlogPaws! Are You?

Of course we waited till the last day of the advanced sale to register for BlogPaws, but our ticket is purchased and we are ready to go! [OK, truth be told, we still need to book the hotel, so we’re not totally ready]

Every year, it’s always a tough decision on what conferences to attend because lets face it, conferences are not cheap. But, since the first BlogPaws in April, I know this is something I cannot miss because of the amazing contacts I make and the skills I learn. We are hoping to get a sponsor to off set some of the cost, and look forward to working with one like we did during BlogPaws West.

But, the BEST part of this year’s BlogPaws is that Toby will be there with me again! He came to Ohio, but not Denver. So, I’m really excited he will get the chance to go again. And, to be honest, I missed him in Denver — he is the “face” of the blog, so he should be there, right? 😉

Can’t wait till August! Who else is going?

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