And the Doggie Oscar Goes To….

In honor of the Oscars tonight, we have a simple, and fun question for you – If your dog (or cat) were nominated for an Oscar, what category would they be nominated in and what category would they win?

We will randomly pick a winner from the answers below to win a My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much sticky note pad! (U.S. only, sorry) 

Toby would win in the category of Best Dog Sleeping Scene for his lifetime roll in “I’m an Adirondack Dog”:

And, he would be nominated in the category of Best Making My Human Feel Guilty for Leaving in the Morning for his daily role in “Do You Really Have to Go to Work?”

8 thoughts on “And the Doggie Oscar Goes To….

  1. Cute idea!! Marzipan would be nominated in Largest Ears and Cleverest Boston terrier, and would certainly win in both. Dubs would be nominated for Stealthiest Farter and Biggest Nudge and would win both as well 🙂

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