Book Review: For the Love of Dogs

When we got asked if we wanted to review the book, “For the Love of Dogs” I eagerly said “yes,” and didn’t Google or look up anything about it. As a matter of fact I saw another writer had reviewed it, too and I made it a point not to read it because I wanted no pre-conceived notions.

So, when I opened the package and saw the book, I was a little surprised to see colorful, cartoon dog illustrations on the cover, and immediately went into panic that I was reviewing a kid’s book and maybe they mixed me up with someone else.

Then with in seconds, of opening the cover I knew there was no mistake, fell in love with it and wished I had known about this book before Christmas, because it would have made a great gift for any dog lover in your life. It is absolutely adorable, and the illustrations, by Mark Anderson just make your heart melt.

Each letter of the alphabet describes either a type of dog or something that relates to a dog. Even the most educated dog lover could learn something from each write up. For example, “B” is for Beagles – “A howling good breed. They’ll wake up the neighbors but love you indeed.” Then the author, Allison Weiss Entrekin goes on to tell you a little about the breed, the characteristics and some fun facts.

But, it’s not all about the breeds. Allison gets creatively funny with some of letters, prompting at smile, smirk and laugh out of this reviewer. One of the ones I enjoyed was “Q” — for Quarters. “Dogs must have their own” Sometimes a couch is as good as a throne.” This had me laughing, because it’s so true with most dogs — the couch is theirs. They just allow us to sit on it once in a while.

But, my favorite letter had to be “W.” : )

“For the Love of Dogs” is a cute, must-have coffee table book for any dog lover. It’s the type of book you pick up and flip through or read again when you’re having a bad day and want to laugh, the type of book that will have your dinner guests chuckling when they start paging through it during while sipping cocktails.

Mark Anderson’s illustrations grab the emotions and looks our dogs give us, and Allison Weiss Entrekin captures the humor and joy our dogs provide and puts it into words.

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