Saturday Blog Hop and National Pet Dental Health Month

Happy Saturday everyone!

Toby is making writing this post very difficult since he started whining like crazy until I let him sit on my lap. But, of course then sitting on my lap wasn’t enough and he had to position himself so he could rest his head on my arm. I’m really not complaining, because if I had my way, Toby would be sitting on my lap all day at work with me, but the arm thing was a little much, and made me crack up laughing. Here are two camera phone pictures I tried to snap of his antics.

As February comes to a close (this year is going so fast already!) so does National Pet Dental Health Month. About 160 million pets do not receive any oral care and only 5 percent of dogs and cats get annual oral care by a veterinarian, according to a recent Trone research study. A healthy mouth doesn’t automatically mean a healthy pet, but it sure does help.

Dr. Bernadine Cruz, DVM and member of the Iams Pet Wellness Council, discusses the importance of pet dental care, and explains the impact it can have on your pet, in the video below.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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