Saturday Blog Hop & Photos From the Nashville Humane Association

Hi Everyone!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I traveled to Nashville, Tenn. along with a handful of other dog writers and bloggers this past week as part of a Canine Nutrition Summit sponsored by Mars Pet Care.

We learned about the science and research that goes into making complete and balanced dog food, how the research is conducted, the quality assurance techniques that are in place and discussed a lot of the controversial topics one can only imagine would come up when talking about pet food. (Yes, we will be sharing a lot of the information we learned in various upcoming posts!)

I also learned Nashville cannot handle snow. Living in the Northeast it was pretty amusing to see how less than two inches of snow can cause chaos in a southern town! Thankfully, it caused only minor impact on our trip, and even that turned out to a fun and beneficial adventure which Felissa from Two Little Cavaliers describes perfectly.

We also had the opportunity to visit the Nashville Humane Association, a beautiful facility that looks more like children’s daycare center than an “animal shelter.”

I’ll be doing a separate post on the shelter this week, but you can check out most of the photos from the visit on our Facebook page. And, of course I fell absolutely in love with the cute black puppy licking my face in the photo below to the point where I was seriously thinking about the logistics of getting Toby to meet him, adopting him and then getting him back to the Northeast.

Today Toby and I are heading over to the Super Pet Expo in Edison, N.J. to check out some fun pet products and say hello to some local rescue organizations. Of course, Westminster is also kicking off, and since I live so close to Manhattan, I kind of take being able to walk out of Penn Station and see a sea of dogs going into MSG, for granted. Maybe one of these years we’ll get to cover the event. 🙂

Puppy hugs to another productive week! 

4 thoughts on “Saturday Blog Hop & Photos From the Nashville Humane Association

  1. It's just good to know that there is a service organization like NHA who does rescue efforts to lovely and innocent dogs. It also instructs potential pet owners how to treat their animals. I heard their personnel travel throughout Davidson County to teach responsible pet ownership and humane treatment for all living creatures. That really melts my heart. Thanks to NHA 🙂

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