Be the Change: Paws for Japan Featuring World Vets

When there is a natural disaster they pack up their medical equipment, leave their families and respond to wherever the emergency may be. They put their own lives in danger as they help those who have been impacted.

But, you likely won’t hear about them on cable news, or read about them in your local newspaper. Like other humanitarian organizations, they bring medical assistance to those who need it the most. What makes them different? Many of their patients have four legs instead of two.

World Vets is closely monitoring the devistating situation in Japan, and are preparing the deployment of a first-responder team. To make sure they have all the neccessary supplies to help those animals impacted by the earthquake and tsunami, we ask that you consider making a donation to their cause.

A registered 501 c 3 nonprofit, the organization, they provide veterinary aid across the globe. Their work spans 25 countries and six continents. World Vets not only focus on veterinary issues, but also human health issues impacted by zoonotic diseases in developing countries.

The sad reality is that there are a host of animals who have lost their families, and life as they know it. Many are likely suffering from broken bones and sicknesses that will only get worse if they are left untreated.

Please take a moment to help spread the world about this organization, as well as make a donation to help the animals in Japan. Every little bit helps. You can Be the Change!

One thought on “Be the Change: Paws for Japan Featuring World Vets

  1. Very nice to meet you two.

    Wasn't this blog hop/ twitter pawty just super? So many folks have posted and donated to help World Vets help the animals in Japan. I'm having a wonderful time reading through all the posts.

    Like you said in your post every little bit helps, and the animal community is helping to save animals everywhere one paw at a time!

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